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Gemstones of Taurus Season

Happy Taurus Season you beautiful souls! ♉︎ Let's dive into the world of crystals that resonate with your grounded and sensuous energy. Get ready to amplify your innate qualities and harmonize your life with these six stunning gemstones! ☪

✶ Citrine - Known as the stone of abundance, citrine is perfect for ambitious Taureans. This sunny crystal enhances focus and attracts prosperity, making it a lovely companion for you as you work towards your goals. ❂

If you're drawn to the beautiful, warm energy of Citrine, browse the selection of custom Citrine gemstones on my website!

✶ Peridot - Embrace the heart-opening energy of Peridot! This bright green gemstone encourages emotional balance and self-acceptance, helping you to let go of any insecurities and nurture your loving nature. 𓋼

If you're a little forest faerie and love the nurturing properties of Peridot, this mushroom Peridot ring is for you!

✶ Kyanite - Communication can be tricky for our steadfast Taurus friends. Kyanite is here to help! This vibrant blue crystal clears energetic blockages and encourages honest self-expression. Speak your truth with confidence! ☾

Uniquely design your own Kyanite ring and let its calming energy help you find your voice!

✶ Kunzite - This gentle, pink stone connects to your heart chakra, amplifying your capacity for love and compassion. Kunzite encourages you to be present and patient, allowing your relationships to flourish. ✽

Custom design your own ring and experience the soothing properties of Kunzite for yourself, browse the selection of custom Kunzite gemstones on my website!

✶ Aquamarine - Take a dip in the soothing waters of aquamarine. This serene blue crystal calms your overactive mind and helps you to let go of unnecessary stress, making it the perfect companion for relaxation and meditation. ༄