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a beginner's course in silversmithing
al•che•my - 
any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance into a substance of great value.

Welcome to The Alchemy of Silver, the perfect place for those who want to learn how to take scraps of silver and transform them into a beautiful gemstone ring.This course is tailor-made for beginners like you who are eager to explore the basics of making gemstone rings!

Here's What's in Store for You

1. No Experience Needed

Seriously, you don't have to be a silversmithing expert or even have dabbled in it before to be able to take this course! We'll be making a basic (in the best way possible) sterling silver gemstone ring. My directions are very clear and straightforward, including closed captions for accessibility.

2. Craft Your Own Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring

Imagine the thrill of making your very own sterling silver gemstone ring?! My step-by-step guidance will have you creating a beautiful piece of jewelry that'll have you falling in love with the process and prepared to dive into the world of silversmithing.

3. The Ultimate Shopping Guide

Ever wondered where to find the right tools and materials? I've got you covered with a shopping list and links for every little thing needed to start your silversmithing studio. No need to stress about hunting down supplies.

4. The Dremel Demystified

I'll show you the ropes of silversmithing with a Dremel tool. It's easier than you think, and you'll get the hang of it in no time!

5. Tips and Tricks

I have been silversmithing for over.5 years now and have picked up on some tips and tricks along the way. In this course I'll be sharing with you some things I wish I knew sooner about the basics! You'll learn how to pick the perfect bezel, set stones confidently, and make your pieces shine with my intricate polishing process. 

6. Be Part of a Creative Community

Connect with other beginners in my exclusive online community. Share your journey, ask eachother questions, and draw inspiration.

7. Learn at Your Own Pace

Life can get busy, right? No worries! You can learn whenever suits you best and you'll be able to  revisit any time you need to fine-tune your skills. In the description underneath the course video you can find time stamps for the different steps of the process, making it easier to revisit specific parts of the course.

8. Turn Passion into Art

Whether you dream of crafting jewelry for yourself, starting a side gig, or just trying something new and exciting, this course will arm you with the skills and knowledge to make it happen. Be open to surprising yourself with what you can create with this course! This course is excellent for those who have never silversmithed before.

Ready to Dive In?

Your adventure in silversmithing is just a click away! No prior experience necessary – just bring your enthusiasm and creativity. Enroll now, and let's turn your silversmithing dreams into a reality!

*Please note that tools and materials are not included in the cost of this course, they will need to be purchased separately*

I encourage you to visit my FAQ's page. for more information on The Alchemy of Silver before purchasing


"Taking this course was amazing and inspiring! I had the best time taking this and was able to follow the steps so easily.


Silversmithing was something that I have been wanting to learn and try for so long but didn’t know where to find the resources to do so. When I saw this course for the Alchemy of Silver I was so stoked that there finally was a simple way to learn how to create such beautiful things!!! 

Shelby explained everything so well with clear steps to follow and also listed everything you will ever need to make life long pieces. Everything is laid out so simple. It’s so cool to be able to use my hands and make something so sacred that can be treasured forever. 


Thank you Shelby for creating something that is easy and gentle to use. The way she explains things is so comforting as well as relatable and gentle yet SO affective. I easily get frustrated or overwhelmed trying to learn new things but I didn’t have any of those anxious feeling taking this.


Not only is Shelby a great teacher, but has created some of my favorite pieces to wear. I can’t wait to continue this craft. I love the Alchemy of Silver!!!"



"I had such a great time taking this course. It boosted my confidence in my ability to create with metal. Shelby explains and models every single step of making a ring and is so straight forward and clear. She lays everything out in a way that was easily digestible for me and by the end I was so proud of the ring I had made and already looking forward to what I would be making next! 

If you’re feeling intimidated by the process of silversmithing this is a great course for you. Shelby has so many tips and tricks that only someone who knows their craft intimately could share with you. 

She outlines all the tools/materials you’ll need and how to use them so there’s no guesswork and you can focus on learning your craft instead of having to figure out what you need through trial and error. 

I can’t stress enough how gratifying making this ring was. It was empowering making a ring all on my own with Shelby there in the video guiding me through what I might need to know and obstacles I might run into and how to navigate them. 

She’s an excellent educator and I can’t wait to see what other courses she comes out with so I can continue honing my own silversmithing craft. 

The Alchemy of Silver Course expanded what I thought I was capable of when it comes to creating with metal. I feel more than ready to silversmith many more rings after taking this phenomenal and thorough course. "



"I have been curious about silversmithing for a long time - so I decided to take Shelby's course as soon as it came out, and I AM SO GLAD I DID. Shelby thoughtfully takes you through every step, slowly and carefully. She gives you so many little tips and tricks along the way. She really shares herself with you in such a way that it felt like she was sitting next to me at my bench cheering me along. I was able to finish the course with two beautiful rings that I am super proud of -  I can't wait to keep practicing thanks to all of Shelby's help. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is ready to start their silversmithing journey."



The Alchemy of Silver was such a perfect course to begin my silversmithing journey. Shelby covered everything you could possibly need & was extremely communicative whenever I had questions. The PDF includes detailed descriptions of what tools you need with links, even including optional tools. The best part of the course is the video though, Shelby gives you full access whenever you want & it makes following along step by step SUPER EASY. I absolutely adored creating this simple ring. I’ve been able to create even more pieces since my first & it’s all thanks to this course. I am still learning & it’s definitely been a rollercoaster of trials and errors however I never felt alone in my mistakes. My skill has already improved so much & I’ve been able to take on more detailed pieces. I am so eternally grateful to Shelby for this!!


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