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a beginner's course in silversmithing

1. How long is the actual course?

The course video is 1 hour 45 minutes long! Will you be able to make your ring in just under 2 hours? No, but it should take under 5 hours! The content is engaging and clear and I suggest watching through each step before trying it so you have all of the information before working on your ring. Then rewinding and doing the step alongside the video.

2. Does the cost of the course include the supplies?

This course does not include the supplies, you do have to purchase those separately. The estimate of outfitting your studio with all the tools and supplies for your silversmithing studio is estimated around $900. This price could be less depending on how much silver you choose to order and if you may not need some of the materials on the list. The initial costs are an investment, but most of these items you will not have to buy again or too frequently! You'll really just need to restock your silver and stones on a more frequent basis after set up. Please note this is an estimation, it could be higher or lower. The cost of sterling silver fluctuates on a daily basis. Also note that I cannot guarantee that items linked will always be in stock.


3. My friend wants to learn how to silversmith as well. Can we purchase one course and take it together?

No, you cannot. Once the course is purchased, the information in the course is for the customer only. It is illegal to share any of the contents from this course with others. I'm sharing years of my learned experience and I have experienced a lot of trial and error to get where I am. Please respect the sharing of my knowledge with you by not sharing with others.

4. I purchased the course but then realized I don't want to invest in this art form. Can I get a refund?

Because this is an online course, once the information is shared, it cannot be undone. There are absolutely no refunds on this course.

Ready to dive right in? Start your Silversmithing journey!

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