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Flower Full Moon Magic

Hey there, lunar lovers! 🌝

The Flower Full Moon is just around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited! Spring is the most perfect time of year, full of hope laying within the beautiful scents of all of the blossoming flowers. In this post, we'll delve into the power and meaning behind this enchanting moon, explore the metaphysical properties of Rainbow Moonstone, Opal, and Labradorite crystals, and share a Full Moon Tarot spread to help plant your seeds of growth this Spring to celebrate the release of my Lunar Collection of gemstone rings. So, grab your favorite gemstones, light some incense, and get ready to ride the lunar wave!

The Flower Full Moon: Blooming with Magic

The Flower Full Moon, which graces our skies in May, is a symbol of fertility, growth, and abundance. As nature awakens and flowers burst into bloom, this full moon invites us to plant seeds (both literal and metaphorical) and nurture our dreams and intentions.

Take some time during this lunar phase to reflect on your goals and aspirations. The Flower Full Moon's powerful energy can help you manifest your desires and bring about significant transformations in your life. So, what seeds will you plant and nurture during this season?

Crystals for the Flower Full Moon Cycle: Rainbow Moonstone, Opal, and Labradorite

To fully embrace the magic of the Flower Full Moon, let's delve into the mystical properties of three powerful crystals: Rainbow Moonstone, Opal, and Labradorite. I chose to work with these gemstones for my Lunar Collection because of how the reflect the power of the moon.

  1. Rainbow Moonstone: This mesmerizing crystal, with its iridescent flashes of color, is strongly connected to the moon's energy. Rainbow Moonstone balances emotions, enhances intuition, and encourages personal growth. It's the perfect companion for manifesting your intentions during the Flower Full Moon. 🌈🌙

  2. Opal: Known for its fiery play of colors, Opal is a stone of inspiration and creativity. It helps to ignite your inner fire, release inhibitions, and unlock your true potential. With Opal by your side during the Flower Full Moon, you'll be ready to take on the world and bring your dreams to life. 🔥✨

  3. Labradorite: A magical stone with a stunning array of colors, Labradorite is all about transformation, protection, and intuition. It empowers you to embrace change and discover your true purpose. Labradorite's energy perfectly complements the Flower Full Moon, guiding you on your journey of self-discovery and growth. 🌌🔮

Flower Full Moon Tarot Spread

For a deeper understanding and guidance during this full moon cycle, try this simple yet insightful five-card Flower Full Moon Tarot spread:

  1. Seed: What intentions or goals should I plant and nurture during this full moon cycle?

  2. Roots: What do I need to let go of or release to support my intentions?

  3. Growth: What action can I take to foster growth and progress towards my goals?

  4. Blossom: What blessings and opportunities will bloom as a result of my efforts?

  5. Moon's Message: What guidance does the Flower Full Moon have for me?

Shuffle your deck, meditate on the questions, and draw one card for each question. If you feel it's needed, you can ask for a clarifying card if you need more guidance for your pull. Take your time interpreting the cards and let the wisdom of the Tarot guide you through this full moon cycle.

And there you have it! With the magic of the Flower Full Moon, the power of Rainbow Moonstone, Opal, and Labradorite, and the guidance of the Tarot, you're all set for a transformative lunar journey. Remember to plant your seeds, nurture your intentions, and embrace the abundant energy of the Universe. If you're feeling called to these crystals, make sure to check out my Lunar Collection where each piece is crafted with love and intention, making them the perfect talisman to help you manifest your dreams and amplify your lunar rituals. Happy Flower Full Moon!

My Lunar Collection of gemstone rings will be releasing online here on 05/05/2023 at 5PM:)


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