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Introducing "The Otter" - A Macrame and Weaving Tapestry


Embark on a journey of artistic enchantment with a one-of-a-kind tapestry, "The Otter." This captivating piece, measuring 18 inches in width and 60 inches in length, seamlessly blends the artistry of macrame and weaving techniques. Crafted with natural cotton rope, various yarns, and ribbons, it hangs gracefully from a deer antler.


Inspired by the gentle flow and textures of the creek running through Millcreek Canyon, "The Otter" captures the essence of nature in its most whimsical form. The intricate combination of macrame and weaving techniques creates a tapestry that mirrors the fluidity and dynamic beauty of the creek.


Natural cotton rope forms the foundation, providing a soft and organic canvas for the tapestry. The incorporation of various yarns and ribbons introduces a burst of color and texture, reminiscent of the vibrant life that thrives along the creek's edge.


The choice of a deer antler as the hanging element adds a touch of rustic charm, grounding the artwork in the natural world. Hang "The Otter" in your living space to infuse a sense of elegance inspired by the lively spirit of the creek.

"The Otter" Macrame Tapestry

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