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This .925 sterling silver ring was made with a Monrach Opal Doublet gemstone set on a stacker band.

This is a size 6.25 ring.

This ring is able to be stretched up to one size larger. If you'd like your ring made larger, please leave a note in the comments at checkout what size you'd like it to be (up to one full size larger, rings cannot be made smaller).

Caring For Simulated Opals

Simulated opals won't absorb moisture or energy in the same way that natural opals will. Though they may require a little less self care, they are still just as fragile when it comes to their environment and exposure.


Just like with natural opals, it's best to remove your simulated opals when showering, swimming, doing the dishes, etc. Simulated opals don't like chemicals either, and we don't blame them. Lab-created opals are less sensitive to changes in temperature, so you can be a little more lax about avoiding hairdryers and saunas with these simulated gems.

Incase you didn't avoid

Don't worry! To clean, you can use water mixed with vinegar or gentle soap. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to lightly buff the simulated opal. Carefully rinse with lukewarm water.

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Silver Monrach Opal Ring (6.25)

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