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This macrame Forest Goddess tapestry was inspired by Muir Woods and my hometown, the Sierra Nevada mountain range. I recently visited these places and felt so inspired by my roots, luscious forested places. I foraged the pine cones and lichen used in this piece from the elementary school I went to. This hanging is one that I love so dearly, a window into the core of my being. 

It was made on a 29 inch wide elk antler and hangs about 52 inches in length. Attached to the antler is a branch that I foraged. The macrame was created with natural cotton rope and accented with woven green threads and silky chiffon ribbons. Attached to the hanging is bark, pine cones, and lichen that I foraged along with charcoal and rust colored crystal charms, silver charms, and moss.

Macrame Forest Goddess Tapestry

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