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Introducing "Forest Goddess" - A Macrame Mixed Media Tapestry


Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of nature with  "Forest Goddess" tapestry. This piece, measuring 32 inches in width and 66 inches in length, is a celebration of the outdoors, meticulously crafted with natural cotton rope and rust-colored cord.

Enhance your space with the organic beauty of "Forest Goddess," where the tapestry's 32x66-inch dimensions make it a captivating centerpiece that commands attention in any room.

Crafted with precision and inspired by the shapes, colors, and textures of the outdoors, "Forest Goddess" embodies the spirit of the forest. The natural cotton rope creates a soft and inviting texture, while the rust-colored cord adds warmth and depth, mirroring the earthy tones found in the heart of the wilderness.

The choice of an elk antler as the hanging element adds a touch of wild elegance to the tapestry, creating a connection between the artistry and the untamed beauty of the forest. Hang "Forest Goddess" in your living room, bedroom, or any space seeking a blend of sophistication and natural inspiration.

Transform your living space into a sanctuary of artistic expression with "Forest Goddess." Let the delicate art of macrame and the raw beauty of natural materials bring the outdoors inside. 

"Forest Goddess" Macrame Tapestry

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