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This .925 sterling silver ring was made with an Opal gemstone set on a serpent band.

This is a size 5.5 ring.

This ring is not able to be resized.


Gemstone Properties

Opal - Optimism, imagination, inspiration, confidence, transformation

Associated Zodiac Signs - Libra, Taurus


Caring For Natural Opals

Natural opals are known to absorb moisture, and even the energy, of its environment. For this reason, you want to keep your natural opals away from harsh chemicals such as perfumed lotions, cleaning products, etc. 


Because of chemicals in soaps and chlorine, it's best to remove your special pieces of jewelry when showering, swimming, doing the dishes, or any other activities where you may get your hands, or opals, dirty. 

Opals also don't like drastic changes in temperature, which is why it's best to keep them away from hairdryers or saunas, below freezing temps or while laying out in the sun.


(5.5) Silver Opal Serpent Ring

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