Truman's Collection Photoshoot for the Gem Studio

I took a LONG break from blogging, but I'd like to come back and share my favorite shoots now that I feel comfortable enough to call myself a photographer. BYE IMPOSTER SYNDROME, this confidence is here to stay.

For those of you who don't know, I am the content curator and photographer for the Gem Studio going on 4 years now! When my boss bought a nice camera for me to use for the studio instagram, I honestly had no clue how to use it. But, after years of practicing on our silversmiths collections and styled shoots, I've gotten much more comfortable calling myself a photographer. Although my personal style and edits are much different than the content/branding I use for the Gem Studio, sometimes the shoots line up. Like the one I'm sharing today.

Yesterday I photographed Provo silversmith Truman for his Gem Studio "Broken is Beautiful" Collection. His collection is highlighting May's mental health awareness month and his concept is how broken people are still beautiful. Still able to love and still worthy of love. I appreciate Truman's bravery in wanting to highlight a topic that is slowly becoming less taboo to talk about, especially as a man in today's society. You're dope, Truman.

People have always been taught that you can't love someone until you are healed, perfect, and good to go. But, I call bullshit. People are never done working on their shadows, wether it be mental illness or negative personality traits. There is forever room to grow and evolve, no one will ever reach that perfect self to be the best put together partner. The only thing you need to be to be a good partner is willing to own your mistakes, vulnerable to share your feelings, and the desire to continue to work on becoming your best self. All people are a little broken in their own way, and we are all still beautiful. We're all worthy of love.

I haven't really shot a couple before. I hadn't ever been interested in it, I thought it would be difficult. But Truman and Cait just got engaged and their love is so pure that they proved me wrong. Nothing is easier to photograph than two people madly in love! Looking at they photos while downloading may have actually brought some tears to my eyes. Their energy was such a joy to be around and I appreciate Cait hopping in on our Gem Studio shoot and allowing me to capture their love. It was such a pleasure. I hope the concept behind this shoot allows you to appreciate it a little more.

Here is a gallery of my favorite shots, and if you're looking for a photographer for individual, couples, or business content, I'm your gal. Just shoot me a DM or email:) Make sure to follow my photography account!

Models - Truman Florence + Cait Kreutz

Shoot location - Squaw Peak, Provo, UT

For - The Gem Studio @the.gemstudio

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