A Great Saltair Photoshoot with Rikee

Model - Rikee + myself

Location - Great Saltair

Some people see a cloudy rainy day and want to run the other way...not us. We saw a moody, dark sky and ran full force to it and danced in the rain. It truly felt like we were in a movie, completely quiet but the thunder here and there...and our loud ass laughter.

I didn't go into this shoot with any ideas of how it should be, I just wanted to go with the flow and see what we could create with such simple yet powerful location. We spent most of the shoot dancing and laughing and somehow capturing these beautiful moments throughout. Rikee said she hasn't taken pictures since high school, but I think she must be lying. She captured me exactly how I'd hoped. I love love love these pictures so I shared a million of them. I hope they inspire you.

Grab you pal, your camera, blast the songs I'm linking, get weird and have a good time.

Rik showed me these few songs and they were the perfect vibe for our rainy adventure and completely peaked my interest in this new style of music to me:

  1. Roseate - Loanna Gika

  2. Be Sweet - Japanese Breakfast

  3. Shark Smile - Big Thief

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