I Got My Nose Done


I got my nose done and I’m not afraid to say it! There’s a weird thing in our culture where we’re not supposed to want plastic surgery and if we get it, it’s shameful because we didn't accept ourselves the way we were....WELL IT’S STUPID! If it makes you happy, DO IT!

In this post I’m going to share about why I got my nose done, what it looked like, my post rhinoplasty diary, and will share an interview with my plastic surgeon for anyone considering getting their nose done!



I can recall the first time I thought about my nose in a negative way. It was 7th grade and some girl friends were talking about what animals they looked like. They turned to me and told me I looked like a bird because of my nose. I don’t remember anything after that, but I do remember being stunned that someone would be so hurtful about another persons body. Jr High sucks and girls are bitches. There was also a bully in high school that would call me Toucan Sam. High school also sucks and everyone is a bitch.

Those moment stuck with me for the rest of my life which distorted my body image for far too long. I didn’t realize until after rhinoplasty what a heavy burden it was being insecure about my face. I thought about it CONSTANTLY. I couldn’t wear my hair certain ways or my profile would show to much, I’d never let a photo be taken of me from the side, on dates (lol back when I dated) I was always aware of where they were so they wouldn’t have to look at me from the side. It’s exhausting having such a big insecurity!

Then my life changed forever! After the cast came off post surgery, I felt a weight lift off of me. All of those nagging thoughts about looking like a bird and having too masculine of a nose were GONE! I could finally breathe in my own body, holy shit it feels good!

Getting my nose done has allowed me to take how I feel about myself in the inside and reflect it in my appearance. I feel at one with myself and feel so comfortable in my own skin (minus the 20 pounds I need to lose but that’s another blog post for another time).

If you’re considering getting your nose done, DO IT! You’ll never, EVER regret it. If you want to get anything done, do it and don’t care what anyone thinks. You know what you need to feel comfortable with yourself and it truly does not matter what anyone else thinks or says about your decision to get plastic surgery. Do not let shame and fear that others put in you deter you from finding and creating your own happiness.

Honestly, God bless plastic surgeons. But mostly Dr. Ward.











•What is to be expected at the consultation appointment? How much is the appointment?

During the consultation, we find out the concerns that you might have about the nose, such as what features would you like changed, if you have trouble breathing, if have you had surgery before, etc. We obtain a medical history and perform an examination. If you have an issue that will be covered by insurance, we may need to perform a nasal endoscopy to evaluate the nose. We morph your photos to show you a reasonable goal of what we might be able to achieve with surgery. It is important to note that the morphed photos are not a guarantee of results, but provide us with a guideline of what you would like to achieve with the nose.

Cosmetic consultations are free. If there are medical issues or if you want us to bill your insurance for the breathing parts of your surgery, the visit will be like any other office visit where your insurance company charges with a co-pay and co-insurance payment.

•Do clients pick a nose themselves? Or do you choose for them? How do you determine what nose would look best on a persons face?

We work with you to figure out the nose that you would like and that works with your face. This seems to best be accomplished by morphing the photographs so that you can see what the nose will look like. We have to be careful to try to create an achievable result for the individual. I believe in a natural appearing result that fits the individual’s face. Over-resection with over aggressive surgery can lead to artificial looking results that I think look terrible, but it also dramatically increases the odds of complications occurring. We often say that the best nose is the nose that nobody notices and that allows the true highlights of the face, such as the eyes and the smile, to show up better.

•How long is the wait between consultation and surgery?

It varies. Sometimes we can work people into the schedule the next week. Our staff along with the OR staff recognize that customer service is an important part of the service we provide and we always aim to create an amazing experience. As a result, we are able to work people in pretty much whenever needed and can even do weekend surgery, if needed.

•How do you determine cost of rhinoplasty? Does it vary per client?

The cost is dependent on the complexity of the procedure. For example, a revision procedure is more difficult than a first-time procedure.

•How quickly is the procedure itself? How risky is the procedure?

The procedure can vary in length from about 2 hours to around 4 hours.

In the surgery world, we often say that there is no such thing as a minor procedure. We take every procedure very seriously. Having said that, the risks of the procedure are pretty low.

•How long is recovery?

The initial recovery is only about a week. You will have black eyes for 1-2 weeks and the nose will be very swollen for the first few weeks. You can resume normal activities whenever you feel like it. We tell people to avoid contact to the nose for about 6 weeks, but you can resume exercise and working out whenever the area is no longer painful. The swelling slowly, but steadily improves over the next few months. The swelling takes a total of 18 months before it has resolved. In addition, by about 18 months, the scar tissue has matured enough that we can say that the nose has fully healed.

•Any other important info potential clients should know?

Remember that the healing after rhinoplasty is a process and that it takes time. We aim for a natural, non-operated result that improves breathing and gives a good, long-term result. If you are looking for a surgeon, please look for one whose practice mainly revolves around facial plastic surgery. You do not want somebody who “dabbles” in facial plastic surgery, but especially rhinoplasty surgery, which is known as the most difficult of all plastic surgeries.

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