An Interview With Earth and Element

Nestled in the trees of Topanga Canyon, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, you’ll find self taught Artist and Owner, Elizabeth Di Prinzio working in her home studio, developing a brand that brings the beauty of the Earth's elements into your home through ceramics and earthly goods. The boutique is for customers who care about where and how their products are made.

A brand that strives to focus on handmade products, with a conscious concern for the planet and the creatures we share it with.

“I want to create products that come from the earth and can go back into the earth”

The relationship between dirt and water, and what can be made with the human hand is a spiritual experience beyond just pottery. A humbling realization of how important it is to protect both of those elements, starting with our very own community of artisans and farmers.

Elizabeth is from the bay area, she went to school for theatre arts and moved to Los Angeles 13 years ago. She spent many years as an actress, until working her way up the ladder to the position of Director of Operations at the well known photography and film studio, located off Sunset blvd, Siren Studios. Working with clients such as Elle, Vogue, Nike, Apple and many other high end brands. After her departure in in 2015 she was to embark on her own operations of Earth + Element.

-about, Earth and Element

1.How did you discover your love for ceramics and creating?

I had been working a 9-5 like the rest of us, and I would pass this pottery studio everyday and for months I'd be stuck in traffic watching people through the glass window making things. They looked like they were having the time of their lives! So I finally took the time for myself and enrolled in a few classes and fell in love immediately. I knew that this was my calling.

2. How long did it take you to feel confident in your skills?

I'm still learning as I enter my fourth year as I think that will continue on for the next ten years. I don't think we ever feel like a "master". Your pieces are a journey and not a destination.

3.Describe the process of creating a piece. Do you sketch out and plan designs or let them develop as you go?

I can't draw but I see images in my mind. I'm a visual learner and creator. I also trust that the clay will do its job, if I do my job. I trust the process and try not to push my agenda so much but to let it manifest it's self. 4.Do you ever mess up while creating a piece? If so, do you like these mistakes or does it frustrate you?

Yes, I mess up! But what I've learned is that a lot of people like the remnants of a human mistake, they relate more to imperfections and it becomes a one of a kind item that is cherished because of it's story. Pottery is a very slow process that teaches you patience and how to detach from materials. I'll work on a piece for an hour and then I'll trip and drop it, I laugh, then throw it into the recycle pile :)

5.What do you do to work through a creative block?

I take a break and travel. I look to nature, plants and skies. Your block is because you've used up all your magic energy and you need to recharge in the wild. 6.What is your biggest inspiration behind your ceramics?

I'm inspired to create simple, functional, beautiful pieces that improve someones morning coffee or dinner with their families. What you eat/drink from is important to me. It's like serving dinner without the condiments, something is missing when your food is not on something you believe in. I believe in creating love in tableware.

7.What is a brand you’ve worked with that you’re most proud of?

How has working with them changed your business? This year I'll be partnering in a holiday shop with Bayou with Love by Nikki Reed, and we like to refer to it as a "Brand Love Story". We both admire each-others company ethos and ethics. Beautiful products, produced in a beautiful way.

8.What is your favorite/most prized piece?

The janky, chipped, randon glazed one's that are tucked away in my kitchen! 9.Which celebrity/influencer would you be most happy to see with one of your pieces in their home?

I think Lady Gaga would love our Moon Phase cups in Black!

10.What is the most important piece of advice you have for creatives trying to build their brand?

Don't just rely on your art. Learn to be a business person as well and always trust your instincts. If it feels icky, don't do it. If it's flowin, grab it. 11.Where do you see Earth and Element in 5 years?

Expanding globally and on the dinner table around the world!

You can find Elizabeth on instagram @earthandelement or online at

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