An Interview with Mint Jewelry Co.

I have been following Mint Jewelry Co. for FOREVER because everything Savannah creates is magical and I think everyone in the world should know she exists and wear her creations. I'm so happy she gave us some of her precious time for an interview!

1.How did you discover your love for art and creating?

Growing up practically every woman in my family was an artist. I tried literally every medium under the sun - sewing, painting, knitting, crocheting, photography… you name it - I tried it, and hated it.

I always felt like the black sheep of the family because art seemed to flow from everyones fingertips and I just always struggled with it. Then a family friend and personal mentor of mine taught we how to wire wrap.

And then literally overnight I became obsessed and it came SO naturally to me. So I ran with it - and the same mentor taught me a lot. Over time I just picked it up more and more - and now here I am!

(and funny note - that same mentor who got me started is one of my employees to this day! We make a good team :) )

2.Describe the process of creating a piece of jewelry. Do you sketch out and plan designs or let them develop as you go?

BOTH. Sometimes I have a super clear vision for what I want to make, and other times I start out with a plan and end up somewhere completely different - yet so much better than I could’ve planned for.

3.Do you ever mess up while creating jewelry? If so, do you like these mistakes or does it frustrate you?

UH YA ALL THE TIME. we have a joke in the studio that somedays you got and somedays you don’t. jewelry making takes an insane amount of patience because it’s tedious and time consuming. So yeah - I guess it depends on the day ahahaha.

4.What do you do to work through a creative block?

I stop.

If I feel blocked up creatively the best thing for me to do is TAKE A BREAK. It’s like windshield wipers for my brain.

I’ve found that when I am in a creative rut it’s usually because I’m trying to hard or forcing it.

5.What is your biggest inspiration behind your jewelry?

N A T U R E.

Being outside, slow + simple living, relationships, music.

I create with all these things in mind.

Will this stand up to an outside life style? Is this a quality item that will hold it’s own through fleeting fashion trends? Is this something a husband would buy for their wife, or a friend would buy as a gift? Does this leave someone else feeling inspired?

I literally go through that process with EVERY piece I design + create.

6.How did you get the opportunity to work with free people and how has this changed your business?

Believe it or not - Free People approached me! They had been spying us out for awhile according to their team - and they had a chance to see our jewelry in person and then brought us on as an account.

It’s been so fun! It’s definitely kept us busy. We’re always restocking them. There hasn’t been a single month in the past 2 years that we aren’t rushing to fill a reorder from them!

Sometimes I laugh because I remember being like 12 in TJ MAXX with my sister and she found a FP sweater and like flipped her lid with excitement… and I was like.. “who is Free People?” hahahaha. Now I create pieces for them. Just kind of crazy.

7.What is your favorite/most prized piece?

That’s like asking which child is your favorite. I could never choose just one. hahahahahaha.

8.Besides free people, what would be your dream store to work with?


I looooovvveeeeeee them, hardcore.

9.What is the most important piece of advice you have for creatives trying to build their brand?


It sounds funny but I’m super serious about that.

Everyone has something unique to offer. Find that and let it shine.

NEVER try to blend in. Create something that is you. yours. and unique.

But like, don’t pressure yourself. Just be yourself and let it happen.

10.Where do you see Mint Jewelry Co in 5 years?

Who knows! I’m not the type to get hardcore with planning or growing - I kinda just let it happen.

So you know, anything could happen!

You can find Savannah's jewelry on instagram @mintjewelryco or on her website :)

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