Timp Falls

When I started Bonfire Heart, it was during a dark period of my life where I needed something to bring me purpose and joy. Making artwork was and still is therapeutic for me. As is being outside.

Bonfire Heart isn't just for me to sell my work to try and make some dough. It has always been my goal to inspire others through my brand to find joy in the little things! For me, these little things are sunsets over the mountains, hiking by myself, campfires with friends, teaching art to others, the way the sunlight hits the trees, the sound of wind blowing through the leaves, etc. The list goes on! And I hope you're not sick of me posting these little lovelies I find because that's what I am all about. Practicing finding joy in the simple things I love has seriously changed my life! I challenge you to find 3 simple things each day that make you smile and to express gratitude for them. Once you start doing that, you will start to recognize more things each day that will make you a happier, more grateful person. Who doesn't want that?!

I AM NO FILM MAKER!...But I want to learn! This is the first video I have ever made in my life and I made it with an app on my phone, so don't hate hahaha. I just feel like photos do not properly capture the experience I have when I am hiking! And I would looooove to pass along the happiness I feel when I am outside to you guys. So fair warning! You can count on seeing a lot more of these posts in the future.

Yesterday was summer solstice and I was so depressed at the thought of spending half of my day inside my gloomy job instead of among the wildflowers. I just had to get out, even if for a little bit! So naturally I drove up to my favorite place on the planet, Sundance, and hit the trail. Stewart Falls is a classic, but everyone and their mother and grandmother and 500 dogs hikes that now. Which is great! I am so happy that so many people are unplugging and getting outside! But it's not the most relaxing of experiences, which is what I am going for when I go hiking. Instead of taking the trail to the left to hike Stewart Falls, I took the trail to the right which takes you up Mt Timp.

There were so few people on the trail, that I could fearlessly pee 2 feet off the side of the trail and know that not a soul would see me and be traumatized for life. I think I ran into 5 people total throughout my whole time on the mountain! It was amazing! The wildflowers are in full bloom and it smells like HEAVEN. But, watch out for the stinging nettle! It coats the trails and stings like a b*tch at the slightest touch. I highly suggest wearing leggings even if it's hot outside so you don't cut up your legs.

If you have never hiked this trail before, make sure you don't just stop at the first waterfall you see! That one is great, but it is about half the size of the next one. After taking a peak at the first falls, I hiked about another 10 minutes to the larger falls and I did not regret it (my calves probably still did, but I personally did not). I had the place alllll to myself! No one around. Just myself, a solid lunch, and my camera to take dope pictures of myself. I actually lost track of time I was having so much fun and had to run back to my car in order to make it to work on time. Ooops.

Overall, this is one of my new favorite hikes simply because it isn't overpopulated. And because of the wildflowers. My current goal is to buy a flower press and to start a dried flower journal for all of the amazing places I experience! I've wanted to do this for years, but have been too lazy. Not today Satan, I'm finally doing it!

Plzzzz let me know if you take this trail! I'd love to hear how you like it!

Get Outside,


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