Fall Giant Giveaway

How amazing do all of these pieces of art look together? This is one of the reasons why I put together these giant giveaways every couple of months. I love to find artists work that are so amazing on their own, then see how I can bring it all together to amplify how amazing each piece is! It has almost become an obsession of mine to search for unique work and find how I can create a cohesive look with all of the pieces. Of course, a lot of credit in the styling of this work goes to my homie Sam who is truly a style goddess. Another reason for these giveaways is to foster community within the handmade world. I think it's a wonderful thing to support other artists' work, rather than compare and compete. We're all busting our asses to make a living doing something we love, the least we can do is be kind to others that are doing the same! So take a moment to comment on a maker's work that you love, it really does make a positive difference in their life and you'll feel better for being a kind person.

That's a wrap!

#giveaway #art #artist

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