First Giant Giveaway

So I decided to write up a quick blog post about this GIANT giveaway I designed over the Summer. Why? Because each item in this giveaway excellently highlights the vendor providing it. There are few things I enjoy more than working with my fellow vendors and artists! I love using my blog as a channel to highlight other entrepreneurs because let me tell you: THE HUSTLE IS REAL. Everyone in this giveaway should be recognized, I promise you will love them. Since I gathered together a group of vendors that I love and admire for a giant giveaway this first time, I have gotten hooked on putting these huge things together! Something about gathering talented artists and seeing our work photographed together is so exciting to me.

My goal with this giveaway was to have an Urban Outfitters inspired theme. I seriously wish I could have entered the contest myself! Life can get pretty crazy so I think it's important to make your living space a place of refuge. This giveaway provided our winner with just that! A candle, a speaker, a crazy soft blanket and much MUCH more. There were 19 items that we gave away so whether you’re in the market for a wall hanging, a plant or a new t-shirt, the vendors in this post have you covered!

I could write about each of these awesome companies and their owners but I bet it would be more fun for you to get to know them by exploring their pages for yourself! I’ve attached all their Instagram handles just beneath the gallery. Enjoy!

Macrame Hanging/Keychain:

Marino Wool Blanket: @sarahlouco

Rug: @kyrodesigns

T-shirt: @shop.elk

Lace Sports Bra: @zyiaactive_lexiparry

Hat: @paigeavenueshop

Leather Backpack: @_paskgoods_

Wall Weaving: @hellohydrangea

Large Wooden Wall Hanging: @tifyougiveagirlasaw

Small Wooden Wall Hanging: @studio_wildflower

Triangle Wooden Shelf: @wooden.geometric

Candle: @coalandcanary

Bluetooth Speaker: @stickysounds

Concrete Pots: @emeryavedesigns

Air Plants: @cleverbloom

Pillow Shams: @shopsanjunipero

Floral Print: @robertandstella

Moon Painting: @nascensluna

Moon Mirror: @szkloglass

Photography: @madimont

#giveaway #macrame #artist #photoshoot #handmade #boho

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