White Magazine Photoshoot

PSA: Stop Whatever You're Doing and Check Out These Photos!!

Trust me. You want to. I could not be more in love with the simplicity and minimalism of this shoot. You're definitely going to want to remember this style for your next party, wedding, dinner....anything really.

The talented Erica Kopp is responsible for the straightforward aesthetic that was perfectly captured by Chantel Marie's clean shooting style. Erica pointed out that each artist involved with this shoot had a different style, but shared the goal of creating a stunning, cohesive shoot.

Each item involved in the shoot had a subtle beauty that caused it to blend with the other elements rather than overwhelm them. Such as the pairing of the flowers with the cake. Or the simple style of my tapestry which is often rented out for these kinds of occasions. This event required a backdrop that was not too much or too little. The pattern of this piece is simple enough that it provides a pleasing backdrop while adding texture and dimension to an otherwise plain wall.

One of my favorite parts of Chantel Marie's photography in this shoot was capturing each artist in their element while setting up. Often times photographers only capture the final look, which is ok. But, seeing the actual artist and the hard work that goes into these perfect shots adds a deeper sense of connection to the photographs. I did not hold back on the gallery in this shoot, each shot was just too good not to share!

P.S. You can find this photoshoot published in White Magazine's Issue 36

"All the minimal elements and colors came together

to create a fluid aesthetic."

-Chantel Marie

Photo: Chantel Marie, @chantelmarie Floral: Soil & Stem, @soilandstem Styling: Stay Co, @stay__co Cake: Annie's Cake, @annies.c.a.k.e.s Macrame: Bonfire Heart, @bonfireheartco Paper Goods: Carli Anna, @carlianna_ Ribbon: Renata Stone, @renatastone

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