August GIANT Giveaway

Over the course of the two years that I have had my own handmade business, I have discovered that it can be one hell of an emotional roller coaster! One hour I could be feeling on cloud 9 because I sold a piece and the next I could be down on myself because I lost 100 followers. Luckily, I have discovered a wonderful way of enduring the highs and lows of running my own business: actively being a part of a handmade community. That is a huge part of why I put these giant giveaways together! To bring together brands and artists that I admire and to create something inspiring to show support of each others' businesses and to create friendships within our community. The other reason being to express appreciation to our followers for their consistent encouragement and support in our pursuit of our dreams.

With this giveaway I felt inspired by the raw and industrial feel of the venue Ember that I work for in Salt Lake. I saw artist Hannah Susan's piece on Instagram and immediately the other artists and items that they provided were inspired by her art.

Below I will share a highlight about each artist and share some close up images of their items that are in the giveaway.


A 20-year-old freelance artist raised on the east coast known for her unique use of circular frames and delicate artwork. Hannah's work is unlike anything I have seen before and I admire her staying true to herself through her paintings.


Sandra is a local vendor that I have had the opportunity to sell with at numerous Utah markets. She is the original artist behind mounted mineral decor and has an eye for pairing lovely minerals.


Sarah's shop hasn't even been open a year and her business has done nothing short of boom! I admire her hard work and the color pallet she uses to make the softest blankets to grace this planet.


Kaeley designs and hand crafts each piece that she sells in her shop! She sells high quality work for homes that want a unique touch.


Sadie is another local Utah artist that I have had the opportunity to work with on several occasions. She puts a unique spin on her designs by using reclaimed barn wood for her work! She also sells pillows and throws.


Who doesn't love candles? Who doesn't love a perfect container? Paddy Wax Candles has both of these qualities and I couldn't love their product any more. Their candles are sold in thousands of stores across the country and have been featured in HGTV. You want this candle. I want this candle.


I met Lauren at a photo shoot where we styled my macrame work with her stained glass and created a magical combination of art that has never been seen before. She knows everything there is to know about stained glass and uses her expertise to create never before seen pieces that I'm completely obsessed with!


Elk is ran by some of the most talented, bad ass girl bosses I know. Sam and Kiley have a passion and obsession for fashion that drives them to take their brand the next level by inspiring others to have self confidence in what they wear and to support fellow boss ass ladies.


Fox Heron is ran by magical artist queen opal-haired goddess Connor Wilde-Mathie. Everything she touches turns into something mystical and unique. Her hand painted and hand dyed items are one of a kind, guaranteed.


I have always loved copper so when I stumbled across Kaleen's shop I instantly needed to become friends with her. This flower child babe is a California native who is inspired by nature which she incorporates into her raw material designs.


I have been following Lindsey for several years and have stalked her Instagram until she could no longer deny becoming Instagram friends with me. Every. Single. Design. Lindsey creates is inspiring and breathtakingly unique. She incorporates materials she finds from around the world into her hangings, creating pieces that are full of texture and character. She is MUST FOLLOW.


I have never seen anything like her! Keri's love for everything natural and beautiful in the world is incorporated into her hangings and translates into rich colors and textures.

Oh hey, it's me. For this giveaway I wanted to create a statement piece with my favorite item to make: macrame plant hangers. The branch is painted copper and is wrapped in cotton twine. Each plant hanger varies in length and comes with a glass bowl to house a plant for you green thumb friends. I can't ever get enough of fringe and tassels so of course I adorned each end of the branch with tassel wraps that can be moved and arranged how the winner pleases. This design is also available for purchase in my Etsy shop.


Elizabeth's ceramic pieces bring the beauty of the Earth's elements into your home. Her art is inspired by the planet in which we live and you can certainly feel connected to nature just by looking at her items.


Xinh & Co is a small family business that started from their love for natural materials, design, and handmade goods. Their focus is to provide unique items for their customers and to develop relationships with respect to their artisan partners.


Soel is a local boutique that offers a variety of timeless pieces that not only look great, but make you feel great as well! Everything that is sold in this shop is lovely and the girls that work there will help you find something that you will be sure to love!


Miss Caroline has an instaram feed that looks straight out of a magazine! Follow along to see her lovely nature inspired paintings and her adventures of traveling the world. This cute girl is always on the move!

I hope you all have taken the time to get to know these artists a little better. Instagram businesses aren't just pretty pictures, there are living and breathing artists behind the screen that are chasing their dreams to share their soul filled art with the world. Taking the time to get to know the person behind the screen makes their art mean so much more, and I love each of them so much more for sharing a bit of themselves with the world! Let us spread love and create bonds within our artist community.


Photographer: @chandler_hobson Venue: @EmberSLC

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