Photo Shoot with Madi Montgomery

At first I tried to find an excuse I could share for why I am posting a gallery of photos of just me. But, then I realized, why do I need an excuse? Why not be confident in sharing photos of myself. It's a vulnerable thing, being in front of a camera. I've never been comfortable with it. Yet, when I went out to this side country road in Payson with Madi, I felt completely at ease. Madi is full of life! She is silly and direct, which helped me to be confident to just be myself in front of the lens. Photographing with her is a dream! What I have learned through shooting with her numerous times, as well as being her friend, is that it's ok to celebrate yourself. In fact, it's a necessity to being happy in this life. So go take a selfie and dont be ashamed of it...and I will no longer judge♥

Madison Montgomery Instagram- @madisonmontgomeryj

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