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Well, here goes nothing. My very first blog post! The rest of my posts won’t be this long, promise. There are going to be three points that I cover: why I decided to start a blog, a bit about who I am, and how this whole small macramé business came about.

About me:

My name is Shelby and I grew up in a small town in the Sierra Nevadas of Northern California. Being raised in a forest in the middle of nowhere, a love and appreciation for nature became a large part of who I am. Over the past couple of years I have learned that being outside is a form of therapy, and that it helps center my soul. I have quite a few hobbies (one of them being photography) where I try to inspire others through my art to get outside because I think it’s the best sort of medicine.

I am 23 years old and have been living in Utah for the past 5 years, where (to be honest I never thought I’d ever get caught saying this) I think I’d like to stay. When I first moved to Utah, I quite stubbornly refused to like anything about this place. But then one day I discovered Sundance, my now-favorite place in Utah. Ideal sitch: live happily ever after in a cabin by Sundance where I wake up to the mountains and fall asleep to the smell of campfire every single day. A girl can dream.

My other favorite sort of therapy is art. I’ve always loved to make things with my hands, whether it's ceramics, painting, building with wood, sewing, etc. If I can make it, I love it! People are meant to create, and I think that’s why, when I am creating something, I feel joy.

Last year I went through an extremely difficult time in my life where I didn’t feel a whole lot of joy. At some points, I couldn’t even recall what happiness even was or had ever felt like. But when I discovered something that could be my own, something that I could have control over, I found hope.

One day I came across a DIY tutorial on the Free People Blog on how to make a simple macramé hanging; this is when I first started to learn macramé. I loved the piece so much that I decided I needed more as décor for my bedroom. I had shared photos of these hangings on my Facebook page and, with some encouragement from friends and family, I was convinced that I should start selling my work. This is how Bonfire Heart came about. My journey back to happiness through finding joy in the little things in life: art and nature.

How I came about the idea to start a blog:

Frequently I get caught up scrolling through Instagram looking at feeds that I admire when I catch myself thinking things like: “Their life seems so dreamy!” “How do they get their feed to look so perfect?” “Who the heck has houses that actually look like that?” “How did they edit that?” etc. The disparaging thoughts are endless and the insecurities are real. I decided I didn’t want my followers to catch themselves having these same thoughts when looking through my feed because my life isn’t perfect. And that’s ok because if we were all perfect, life would be pretty boring. I hope that through my blog my followers can catch a glimpse of who I actually am, not just who I insta-am, through photography, projects that I do, and events I am a part of.

I’m Shelby, and uuuhhhhh how do you end these things? The end? Bye forever. Kidding. Til next time.

Oh ya, here are some pictures of me because why not:

Pretty much always outside

Basically always outside

Suuuuper photogenic

Super photogenic

The love guns. Gets 'em every time.

The love guns, gets 'em every time

The sad thing is, I really do laugh like this. This is not a drill. This is my real life.

Yep, this is real life. I really am that heinous when I'm laughing.

Last, but certainly my favorite. I could be a model. K bye.

Last, but certainly my favorite. I could be a model. K bye.

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